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I began creating comics in earnest early 2006, pretty much on a whim. I've been dabbling in comic art my whole life, but never really had the discipline or confidence to just start a comic and stay with it. I had an idea for a comic, called The Many Moons of Astra (shown below) that might help my struggling web-based business draw in a few more clients, so I set to work on it. Nearly three years later, I ended that comic due to both lack of time and waning interest. But I learned a ton about comics in that time period!

Below, you will find those comics I made, as well as information on my upcoming comic (date TBA at an undetermined time).

Stressy the Cat

Stressy the Cat

This comic is still in the works, and will hopefully be released later this year. Stressy the Cat is an edgy, mature comic about people... even though the characters are cats. Stressy, the main character, works in a restaurant as a waitress. The comic will mostly take place in the restaurant, as Stressy must deal with infuriating situations, incompetent coworkers, and the general stress of her job.

The idea for Stressy came to my wife, Michelle, while she and I worked various restaurant jobs in California. We were generally stressed out all the time, for reasons that most people who have waited tables would understand perfectly. At the same time, we wished that we could have the strength and attitude of our cat, Pandora, to deal with the many ridiculous situations we encountered daily. Thus, Stressy was born. With this comic, we hope to be able to tell the story of the crazy situations we encountered in a humorous, irreverent way. We feel that everyone will be able to identify with this comic, whether they have waited tables or not. Everyone hates their job sometimes, right?

Stressy the Cat will be dedicated to our dear kitty cat, Pandora, who passed away unexpectedly in 2010.

The Many Moons of Astra

The Many Moons of Astra

The Many Moons of Astra was a full page, full color, weekly webcomic that ran for over two years. It was about a normal girl, who just happened to be Wiccan and worked at a Pagan book store, and her somewhat less than normal coworkers. The comic sought to explore alternative religious subjects in a tasteful, family friendly way, while poking fun at some of the myths, stereotypes, and real strangeness of the Pagan community.

This comic was written under my then pseudonym, Glen Goldentree. By its end, The Many Moons of Astra had reached a weekly following of roughly 1500 readers.

Below, you may read through the 112 page archive of The Many Moons of Astra, as well as the "Wiccaman" filler comics that I did when I didn't have time for an Astra update. Enjoy!