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Eventmap 7000

Free, Interactive Event Maps

The concept behind Eventmap 7000 is a simple one: creating interactive event maps for outdoor event facilities. Any outdoor facility that hosts events will find themselves in the business of creating maps for facility rental, sales and booth leasing, staffing, etc. This can be a tedious process, and it is often difficult to convey all of the required information in a static, paper or graphical map.

Eventmap 7000 is designed to be a solution to this problem. Because maps created with this application are interactive, a vast amount of information can be entered in the map, and users may access what they need when they need it. The map is zoomable, so people can zoom in to see the finer details, and zoom out to get the big picture. It is in every way superior to a paper-based or simple graphical map. And you don't need any specialized software or design skills to use it!

Eventmap 7000 features both a detailed and interactive front-end for users to access for event information, as well as an incredibly robust back-end administrative panel for event planners to design and display events at their facilities. Administrators will find it extremely easy to create a customized facility map for their events, which their users or employees may browse to glean all the details they need.

This software is open source and free to use in any environment.

Eventmap 7000 Event Mapping Sopftware
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