Gene Eilebrecht was born in 1977, and was raised in a variety of different states and cities due to his father's Air Force career. The closest things to a "home town" that gene has would be Mtn. Home, Idaho, where he graduated high school, or Grand Junction, CO, where he went to college. He has lived in many different places in his adulthood, and finds himself at home in any locale.

Gene is an individual of highly diverse talents and interests. Originally attending college with the intent to obtain a theatre degree, he ended up pursuing a BA in psychology instead. He still keeps up his interest in acting through independent film, which he creates with his production company, Two Cats Fighting Productions. Gene's main skill focus is computers, specifically web development. He is an avid web coder, having designed a multitude of websites and created several complex web applications for business environments (see the "Software" section of this site for details).

Gene Eilebrecht is currently a private contractor, doing design, development, and customer service for industry-leading companies in the parking industry. This involves web coding, web design, and general expertise with a wide variety of computer systems and mobile platforms.

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