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Demon reading a book

Once upon a time….

I have a variety of downloadable content I have created for the Dungeons and Dragons game I run on a semi-weekly basis for my friends. We play 5th Edition, but in a world of my own creation I have dubbed the “World of Ebber.” This world is a sprawling place dominated by humans, and the other races are very rare outside of their secluded native regions. This world has some other quirks as well, such as the swarm of giant insectoid monsters that dominate the Terrorlands of the Deep South, held at bay only by a giant flame trench and the steadfast dedication of the 12 orders of wizards who are also responsible for unleashing the swarms on the world in the fist place.

The World of Ebber is based, to a greater or lesser degree, upon the Novel Wizard War by Hugh Cook (AKA The Wizards and the Warriors), the first of his series of novels Chronicles of an Age of Darkness. I first read the book when I was 15 years old, and had always wanted to create a roleplaying game around the world within it. I altered and expanded upon many of the concepts within the book to adapt it for D&D gameplay. My apologies to fans of Mr. Cook should you happen upon this content. It is with great reverence for his work that I have approached this project.

The maps and magic items included here can, of course, be used outside of the structure of “The World of Ebber” as that world is not mechanically any different than standard 5th edition D&D. But should you wish to have a unique gaming experience, I will include enough content here that you could also host your own game in this fascinating world. I also wholeheartedly encourage you to read Wizard War yourself. It is a truly unique and amazing fantasy novel.