A New Beginning

A new hope? 🙂

A shiny new website is a hell of a thing. I’m not entirely sure I care for the theme, but themes seem to react differently to the file download plugin I am using (and customized), so I’ll probably just tweak this theme to meet my needs.

Many years ago, I created a “homepage” (remember when everyone had one?) for my creative endeavors. This was before I had ever taken on software development, so the site I built was geared solely toward showcasing my short films, paintings, tattoo designs, etc. The site was ugly, admittedly, but it was nice to have a place to display those things, even if nobody ever came to see them.

I missed it.

Over the years, “geneeilebrecht.com” has become only a place for my professional resume and other snooze-worthy content. I felt the need to remove my creative interests from the internet for fear that they reflected on me professionally in an undesirable way. As if people who paint or make silicone masks or chainmaille are not “serious enough” to hire.

Well, I’m over that feeling. I’ve been working as a professional software developer for over a year now, after five years of “operations” which involved a lot of development, and of course I have my own enterprise software that I built, mytraxgps.com. If I suffer professionally, one would hope it’s not a result of my nerdy or creative interests.

Anyway, this site is going to become something a bit more organized than my last, I hope. And also something even more personal. I have begun to really put effort into writing (fiction) lately, which is a passion I have long neglected. As part of that effort, I think it’s about time I started journaling, or in this case blogging. I know it is unlikely anyone will read it, but writing daily is important if one wishes to improve, and blogging is a great way to organize thoughts. So, I hope to blog every day. We’ll see if I can do that.

Thanks for visiting my website. Enjoy the things.

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